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  • HI-PAR Duo Reflector
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    HI-PAR Duo Reflector


    The HI-PAR Duo Reflector is the first of it’s kind in Australia! This unique design features both E40 and PGZ18 brackets so users can mount 1 x 315w CMH lamp and 1 x 400w/600w HPS E40 lamp in a...

  • HI-PAR E40 Dynamic Reflector


    HI-PAR E40 Dynamic Reflector

    $120.00 - $180.00

    The Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector is 2017's most powerful reflector option! These unique units feature customisable footprint and adjustable mounting solutions, ensuring heat management and light...

  • HI-PAR SE Euro Reflector


    HI-PAR SE Euro Reflector


    The HI-PAR SE Euro Reflector is for serious farmers looking for the best possible results from their crop. The Euro was designed for ultimate light reflectivity whilst providing growers with options...

  • HI-PAR Simple Wing Reflector


    HI-PAR Simple Wing Reflector

    $70.00 - $100.00

    Tried and true, the Simple Wing is effective but powerful! HI-PAR Reflectors are designed with durability and practicality in mind. The Simple Wing is perfect for growers on a budget! The Simple Wing...