Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights

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About Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights

Artificial lights and lamps are an essential part of an indoor hydroponics garden. The heat and light spectrum are necessary to encourage seeds, seedlings, cuttings, and plants to grow. The lights mimic the spectrum of the sun in the red or blue spectrum, or sometimes both in lamps. Metal halide grow lights are just one type of grow light you can purchase but have many benefits if you choose this option.

Metal halide lights look a lot like your usual lightbulbs but have a more elongated glass structure. This type of bulb needs to be replaced about once a year so it’s not energy-efficient. The type of bulb in metal halide grow lights emit light on the blue and violet parts of the light spectrum, much like what would happen outdoors for plants. This light mimics the light from the sun and for this reason, many growers who have ornamental hydroponics gardens will find these lamps most pleasing around their plants.

Metal halide grow lights are what is most commonly used in the horticultural industry inside greenhouses or in larger commercial hydroponics setups. They are best for supporting plant growth during the early developmental cycle. Using these lights will help roots to be thicker and stronger, and also provide bigger plants, and good resistance against disease. Metal halide grow lights are perhaps best for growing plants that normally have plenty of leafy foliage.

You can purchase metal halide grow lights based on lumens or wattages or 60 to 125. You can also purchase lamps in a digital ballast which has a higher energy efficiency of up to 110 lumens per watt. They also have a faster warmup. These types of lamps offer varying spectrums, such as pulse start metal halide bulbs that can have a cool white to a warm white and even to an ultraviolet heavy spectrum that will support all points in the growth cycle.

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