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Coco Coir is your one-stop shop for buying Coco Coir at highly competitive prices. Our aim is to provide a friendly stress-free shopping experience. If you can't find the Coco Coir that meet your requirements, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We will be happy to help.

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  • BVB Airmix Coco Slab

    BVB Substrates

    BVB Airmix Coco Slab


    Simply plant straight into the slab! BVB AirMix Coco Slabs are designed for optimised commercial or hobby hydroponic crop cultivation. ‘Slab-Culture’ allows for increased plant spacing efficiency and optimised root zone development...

  • H&G Cocos

    House & Garden Nutrients

    H&G Cocos


    House & Garden Cocos is world-famous for its high quality and purity. Using only the finest sourced coconut husks and processing the coir in Holland, H&G Coco is truly the coco for your garden!  Coco Coir is an ideal solution for indoor...

  • BVB Premium Air Blend 70L

    BVB Substrates

    BVB Premium Air Blend 70L


    BVB Premium Air Blend is the best organic coco coir solution for medical-grade gardens and is packaged in a massive 70L bag! This Air Coco mixture is manufactured in Holland and washed in uniquely filtered Dutch water, ensuring it is...