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  • Grodan Delta 4G Block


    Grodan Delta 4G Block


    Grodan Delta 4G Blocks are ideal for use with small plants such as strawberries and peppers. Sold in strips of 8 blocks.  • Delta 4G blocks measure 7.5 x 7.5 x 6cm approx• Premium quality rockwool• Individually wrapped and are ideal...

  • Grodan Delta 8G Block


    Grodan Delta 8G Block


    Grodan Delta Blocks are the most uniform blocks available on the market. They feature improved grooves at the base to promote better drainage • Delta 8G blocks measure 10 x 10 x 7.6cm approx• Premium quality rockwool• Individually wrapped...

  • Grodan Delta HUGO Block


    Grodan Delta HUGO Block


    The Hugo Block is one of largest size rockwool cubes that you can get, giving your plant lots of space to root. Bigger roots, bigger fruits! Hugo Block can be used to grow plants in from start to finish, placed into an NFT or other styles of hydroponic...

  • Grodan Granulate 20kg


    Grodan Granulate 20kg


    Grodan Granulate is an ultra-clean, sterile substrate for hydroponic production. Granulate rockwool can be effectively used in recirculating or run-to-waste systems and has a very high water holding capacity. Grodan Granulate is compressed into a 20kg...

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About Rockwool

A hydroponics system requires a variety of different supplies to support a healthy plant garden. The base of containers is filled with a growing medium that not only helps to support the roots of a plant but to also provide good aeration of roots, water, and nutrient flow. One popular growing medium is rockwool growing cubes. Rockwool has been used as building insulation in the past. It’s also called stone wool and mineral wool and was created in Denmark back in the 1970s. Rockwool is popular for growing in both outdoors and for indoor hydroponics.

Rockwool growing cubes are often used in larger commercial hydroponics gardens. Rockwool is also perfect for hydroponics systems that use the drip irrigation method. Its structure retains water and holds more oxygen than your traditional soil. It’s particularly beneficial when you’re starting from seeds or encouraging the root formation from cuttings.

The benefit to using rockwool is that it helps to retain the moisture for the plants’ roots to use. It also retains oxygen and doesn’t stunt growth. It’s chemically insert so it won’t degrade and affect the roots or plants. It’s also sold in a variety of sizes and shapes. It can be used for different shapes and sizes of plants.

Rockwool is sold in cubes that are attached together in a long line. Within each cube is a small hole for plant insertion. It’s similar to steel wool but made of natural fibres. Basalt rock and chalk are combined together and heated at an extremely high temperature so the mixture melts together. This gets poured into a spinning chamber that creates the fibres. A binding agent is mixed in and the whole mixture is then pressed into large mats. These mats are then cut into the cube and slabs that are used as a growing medium for plants in hydroponics gardens.

Rockwool can easily be cleaned for use with new seeds or cuttings as it is a durable growing medium. If you need assistance in choosing the right rockwool growing cubes for your hydroponics then please reach out to us here at Kushy.