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  • De-Ozzy DE-Gnat Pest Prevention


    De-Ozzy DE-Gnat Pest Prevention


    DE-Gnat Advanced Insect Shield is made of DE which is known as Diatomaceous Earth which is a natural Silica compound derived from earth minerals. DE-Gnat creates a barrier over the top of your medium/substrate that features abrasive properties utilizing...

  • Econobliss Probiotic


    Econobliss Probiotic


    A probiotic solution for the prevention of pathogenic bacteria, mould and fungi. Benefits of using Econabliss  Econabliss creates an integral system from early stages of seedlings to post-harvest. This Eco-system prevents Pathogenic diseases and...

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About Insecticides & Pesticides

Insects and pests can be attracted to plants in your outdoor garden and it’s no different with an indoor hydroponics setup. Insects can get inside, or they can even hop a trip onto one of your purchased seedlings, or be from eggs on seeds. The good news is that it’s much simpler to control insects and pests in a hydroponics garden. There are many hydroponic insecticides and pesticides to choose from. Depending on your hydroponics system and type of plants will depend on which type of hydroponic insecticides and pesticides you choose to buy.

There are a wide variety of pests that can invade your garden. Whiteflies love to feed on plant juices but this can cause yellowing of leaves or stunted growth. Spider mites, aphids, and thrips are also nuisances. You may see insect droppings on your plants if you have them. Fungus is also another problem.

You can begin with insect control before purchasing hydroponic insecticides and pesticides. Remove any infected leaves at once. Be sure to always wash your hands before and after you handle your grow room plants. Be sure to keep pets and children away. If there are any spills of liquid or plant debris, be sure to clean it up right away. If you do see pests, try and identify them first so you can ensure you buy the proper hydroponic insecticides and pesticides for them. Use safe methods first. Often a light amount of dish soap in a water mister will be enough, before resorting to chemical methods.

If you decide to purchase hydroponic insecticides and pesticides then follow the instructions on the packaging. Don’t forget to treat all leaves, and on both sides, as insects and pests love to hide on the underside of leaves. Insecticides and pesticides will not harm your plants but when they make contact with pests, it will kill them.

The pests will dehdyrate, killing them. If it’s an oil-based product then the bugs will suffocate.

If you need assistance in choosing the best hydroponic insecticides and pesticides for your current infestation, please reach out to us here at Kushy.