Platinium Aero Pro 4 (60 x 60)


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The Platinium Aero Pro 4 (60 x 60cm) is perfect for experimenting with hydroponics at home! Using optimised 4 x 11L pots with Aero-caps to secure plants, the Aero Pro is proven excellence for home and commercial growers! 

Aero Pro 4 contains 4 independent 11L pots measuring 18x18x23cm and uses 100% polystyrol aero plates to hold cuttings in place! This unique design also included a UV light barrier to avoid algae developing throughout your cultivation. The Aero Pro can be used as an Aeroponic system with 4 individual misters, or easily converted into a hydroponic system! 

AeroStar systems can be easily converted into a variety of different hydroponic systems and styles, the only limit is your imagination! These systems can be used for coco/hydro/soil/aero or even aquaponic cultivation! 

The reservoir tank holds 30L of nutrient solution and provides easy access with a removable door, this clever design also allows you to have a quick view of remaining water level!

With a water pump and powerful 360° irrigation sprayers, the nutrient solution is evenly distributed to the plants and the fine mist is saturated with oxygen! This allows for incredibly fast root development and dazzling results in your cultivation facility! 

Aeroponics ensures reduced nutrient usage and lower EC can provide exceptional growth in heavy crops.   

Each pot can be served individually, allowing each plant watering as needed. Each pot is also removable, making the system convenient and easy-to-use! 

  • Dimension: 60x60x39.5cm
  • Tank 30L Reservoir
  • Made in Canada
  • 1 year warranty

RECOMMENDED PUMP SIZE = 700L/H / Pump not included

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