Evaporative Cooler (Dual Output)


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This is the environmental control you need this summer! Engineered to cool large scale cultivation rooms or greenhouses, the Dual-Output Evap Cooler is for serious farmers! It can cool one or two rooms using just one fan! We have designed and engineered evaporative coolers for years to help Australian farmers combat extreme climates and provide ideal cultivation conditions. 

Our range of Evaporative Coolers come as a complete unit, ready to reduce your dangerously high temperatures and increase humidity to healthy cultivation levels.

Our evaporative coolers have multiple sizes available and different flanges can be fitted to ensure these units can be used in any sized room, tent or glasshouse. The airflow uniquely flows upwards to ensure maximum efficiency from the unit. 

  • Extremely easy installation
  • Kit Includes: Water Pump, ball float, reservoir, cooler unit. 
  • Unique dual output design, can cool 1 or 2 rooms!
  • Comes as a complete unit
  • Great for summer high temperatures! 

Flange sizes available: 300mm or 350mm, these can be reduced to smaller sized depending on the required vent size. 

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