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Hydroponic Fans & Blowers

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About Hydroponic Fans & Blowers

Hydroponics fans are useful in a grow room dedicated to a garden, or when growing plants inside a hydroponics tent. A hydroponics garden requires grow lights to help plants grow, but it can also make their environment hot. The moisture from nutrients and water can also create a humid environment. For this reason, proper ventilation is required so your plants don’t smother or wilt in less than optimum growing conditions.

Hydroponics fans allow for better ventilation between the plants to create better climate control. Your plants will be stronger and bigger. There are a couple of different types of fans to choose from.

An intractor fan can be used to move fresh air from outside or another room to help refresh your grow room or your grow tent. If you’re also using an extractor fan within your tent, the intractor fan can help decrease the air pressure caused by the intractor or interior type. An extractor fan vacuums the walls of a tent and reduces the space, but this can be compensated by using an intractor fan.

Another type is an interior fan, which works directly within your grow environment. Its main purpose is to help with plant growth, rather than assisting with overall air quality. This hydroponics fan will provide better air that plants will utilize in the growth of bigger and stronger stems and leaves. It’ll also provide assistance in keeping the humidity levels down.

A plant can quickly absorb the CO2 around them that they need to grow. A fan will help to move the air and keep up a steady supply of CO2. This assists in photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.

Your grow space size will also affect what size of fan you buy. The light wattage from the lights can also affect this as the higher the wattage, the more heat they generate. For instance, if your grow space is 2x4x5’ and you’re using grow lights at 250W, you’ll need a fan with 80-120CFM.

If you need assistance in choosing the right hydroponics fan, please reach out to us here at Kushy as we’re happy to help.