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    The Hemp Lady



    Rich in Certified Organic Plant nutrients and Natural Organic Butters, this luxurious, beautiful Mango infused Hemp Body Butter absorbs quickly to quench dry and thirsty skin, leaving it deeply...

  • THL Daily Moisturiser

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Daily Moisturiser


    A deeply nourishing and hydrating cream of Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Organic unrefined Shea butter that will keep your skin feeling, soft, smooth and supple throughout the day.  Protected by...

  • THL Gymaholics

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Gymaholics


    The soothing botanicals in the Gymaholic Recovery Muscle Rub will help invigorate your skin and relax muscle tension. A cool, penetrating muscle rub for topical application before, during, or after...

  • THL Healing Balm

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Healing Balm


    A concentrated blend of 100% natural and organic plant extracts and oils. Great for the treatment of burns, abrasions, rashes, severely dry skin and insect bites. It can also help sooth inflammatory...

  • THL Hemp Dread

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Hemp Dread

    $22.00 - $150.00

    This Dreadlock wax combines a powerful blend of natural ingredients, which are renowned for their ability to improve the condition and strength of your hair, which means stronger, healthier dreads...

  • THL Massage and Body Oil
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    The Hemp Lady

    THL Massage and Body Oil


    Nothing is more natural or more effective than hemp when it comes to giving a moisturising and arousing massage. Formulated from pure botanicals, this delightful massage and body oil will soothe...

  • THL Night Cream

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Night Cream


    Maintain a healthy youthful glow and leave your skin feeling soft, supple and effortlessly smooth. Ideal for normal to dry skin, this blend of Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic unrefined Shea butter as...

  • THL Protective Hand Cream

    The Hemp Lady

    THL Protective Hand Cream

    $19.95 - $39.00

    This super-moisturising hand cream is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin as well as preventing dryness. Protected by Miron glass Available...

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    The Hemp Lady



    The Hemp Lady Relevium is an all-natural organic hemp based anti-inflammatory cream for the management of muscle and joint pains and sprains. This uniquely formulated blend of natural botanicals and...