Hydroponic Pots & Containers

Hydroponic Pots & Containers

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  • Pot Stand 50L

    Stealth Garden

    Pot Stand 50L


    The Pot Stand is a revolutionary simple yet incredibly effective new product! The flat-pack CNC manufactured design is spatially efficient and easily assembled. It allows you to raise your plants above the ground level, allowing your run-off or return to...

  • Multi-Mod CCH20 Net Pots
    This product qualifies for our best price guarantee. Read more

    Current Culture H2O

    Multi-Mod CCH20 Net Pots

    $12.00 - $14.00

    The CCH2O Net Pots reinforced ribbed collar ensures a secure fit into our CCH2O Lids and offers support for large plants. The inverted planting deck standardizies transplanting depth and improves airflow within the root zone. Made from solid ABS,...

  • Pot Shield
    This product qualifies for our best price guarantee. Read more

    Stealth Garden

    Pot Shield

    $15.00 - $25.00

    Pot Shield is the next step in cropping protection that you have been looking for. With input costs rising and gardeners looking to maximize their opportunities with their ventures, the next step is to ensure environmental conditions such...

  • Rocket Root Pruning Pots
    This product qualifies for our best price guarantee. Read more

    Stealth Garden

    Rocket Root Pruning Pots

    $20.00 - $60.00

    Air-Pruning pots are designed to encourage rapid plant and root growth. The innovative design utilises the plants own mechanism to encourage root growth by continually air pruning the roots when they reach the holes in the bubbles. By having a more...

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About Hydroponic Pots & Containers

In hydroponics you need specific types of hydroponic pots for growing. Regular garden pots are not recommended as they’re too large or the wrong shape to use with your hydroponics equipment. The types of plants you’re growing in your indoor garden will also affect what pots you use, and the hydroponics method will also depend on your choice of pot.

In hydroponics gardening the pots aren’t filled with traditional soil but rather are filled with a growing medium that fills the base and supports the plants’ roots as they grow. After seedlings grow, they are moved to larger hydroponics pots, or the plants may be cloned or have cuttings that are placed in small pots. There are also various hydroponic growing methods that will require a different type or size of pot.

Net pots are a popular choice for deep water culture, aeroponics, nutrient film, and ebb and flow hydroponic systems. They’re open at the top with a mesh bottom that allows for drainage and aeration of the roots.

Fabric pots help to prevent the plants from becoming root bound. They are sold in small and large sizes. The larger sizes have handles. This type of pot will keep the roots at optimum temperature when there is no mechanical ventilation.

Plastic pots are traditional and been used for years. They are strong and sturdy and have small drains at the bottom. They work with various types of hydroponic grow media.

Air pots are light and have a mesh-like bottom and sides. They are perfect for aeration for a plant’s roots. They work to prevent root circles while insulating roots from hot or cold surfaces.

Fabric planters are rectangular or square in shape and promote drainage, air roots and prevent root circles. They can easily be moved around your grow room.

Your choice of hydroponic pots will depend on the size of plants you wish to grow. You may use different pots for the seedling stages, then larger pots when you move your cuttings.

If you need assistance with choosing the right hydroponic pots for your hydroponics garden then please contact us here at Kushy.