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  • Multi-Mod CCH20 Net Pots

    Current Culture H2O

    Multi-Mod CCH20 Net Pots

    $10.00 - $12.00

    The CCH2O Net Pots reinforced ribbed collar ensures a secure fit into our CCH2O Lids and offers support for large plants. The inverted planting deck standardizies transplanting depth and improves airflow within the root zone. Made from solid ABS,...

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About Net Pots/Mesh Pots

A hydroponics system needs special containers to hold the plants. Usually separate containers will hold one plant. One type of container is the hydroponic net pot. This is used in the hydroponics system where plants are grown when suspended above a reservoir of water that contains many nutrients. This is a simple system for beginners, and requires no complicated circulating system.

Once it’s set up there’s no need to add additional water or nutrients to it. In other words, this is perfect for those who are budget-conscious, as there’s no need for electricity, or a pump or circulatory system. This hydroponics method is perfect for hobby growers, but is also used in commercial food production. The hydroponic net pots are perfect for extra-leafy types of plants that don’t consume huge amounts of water.

The pots are made from plastic, and have an open top, with a “netted” type of base. These net pots or cups are filled first with a growing medium. It could be rock wool, hydroton, coconut coir, or even clay pebbles. The pots are then suspended above a reservoir of water that contains vital nutrients.

The plants are inserted into the pots, with the base material helping to hold the plants upright. The root tips are only allowed to touch the surface of the liquid reservoir.

The plants will grow and will start to deplete the water level. Moist air will form between the plant and the water surface. What results are called oxygen roots which can now better absorb the oxygen from within the container. The water level will eventually be depleted, and this is when the plant is ready to harvest.

Note that once the net pots are set up, there is no further maintenance required. But it is important to set it up carefully, and ensure only root tips are touching the water in the reservoir.

If you’re interested in creating your own hydroponic garden at home, this is the perfect way to get started. Please contact us here at Kushy if you need assistance in choosing the perfect kit, or deciding on what types of plants to grow in this setup.