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  • Biodiesel Aloevate

    Bio Diesel

    Bio Diesel Aloevate

    $50.00 - $3,500.00

    SILICA AND VITALITY BOOSTER 100% Whole-pressed aloe vera leaf and yucca extract! Aloevate is a breakthrough in advanced bio chemistry. Aloevate has many functions that benefit both the grow and bloom...

  • Bio Diesel Green Diamond

    Bio Diesel

    Bio Diesel Green Diamond

    $45.00 - $2,800.00

    A complete full spectrum base nutrient for both the growth and bloom stages.Designed for high performance hydroponic and coco fibre systems.Green Diamonds formulation is different to traditional...

  • Biodiesel MARINE CAMG+

    Bio Diesel

    Bio Diesel MARINE CAMG+

    $45.00 - $350.00

    Natural sea ingredients including crustacean derived calcium and magnesium from ancient sea bed deposits. MarineCaMg+ contains cytokinins from deep water kelp extracts, laden with cytokinins to boost...