Bio Diesel Aloevate


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100% Whole-pressed aloe vera leaf and yucca extract! Aloevate is a breakthrough in advanced bio chemistry. Aloevate has many functions that benefit both the grow and bloom stages of the plant. It contains instantly plant-available silica that is pH neutral (in the form of salicylic acid). Natural vitamins increase tolerance to environmental stress, speed up growth rates and contain antioxidants and antibiotic properties to enhance overall plant protection and vitality. The whole leaf extract is a perfect microbial sustenance and encourages larger colonies of beneficia microbes in both hydroponic and soil grown crops.

  • Mega microbe food that will support more colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi!
  • Contains vitamins A, C, E B1, B2, B3, B6 (Niacin) and B12!
  • Provides silica in the form of salicylic acid
  • Contains a natural wetting and chelating agent for increased nutrient uptake
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