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  • FloraFlex - 6 Single Use Floracap


    FloraFlex - 6 Single Use Floracap


    Place the revolutionary Single-Use FloraCaps™ on your 6” Rockwool cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle. Strategically designed slots block light while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plants. The...

  • Scrog Netting

    Stealth Garden

    Scrog Netting

    $2.50 - $3.00

    The scrog netting method helps the growers to train the plants to reach an optimal light exposure. The scrog netting method consists of using plastic nets to make the screen that guides the plants to achieve the best vegetative development.So the scrog...

  • FloraFlex - Floraclip (6 Pack)


    FloraFlex - Floraclip (6 Pack)


    Use the FloraClip™ accessory to easily transform your FloraCap™ from a top-feeding unit into an automated top-feeding system. Simply thread a 1/4” hose into the opening and find your preferred location (we recommend using two per...

  • Current Culture UC Parka Cap & Gown

    Current Culture H2O

    Current Culture UC Parka Cap & Gown


    Insulated & Reflective Multi-Mod Covers. The updated UC Parka Cap & Gown was designed to enhance the chilling efficiency of the Under Current system by reflecting radiant heat. Made specifically for the new CCH2O Multi-Mod. Features:• Split...

  • FloraFlex - FLORA VALVE


    FloraFlex - FLORA VALVE


    FloraFlex® shut off valve also allows you to control the pressure of water and nutrients being delivered through the manifold to your plants. Easily snaps into the Flora Pipe Fitting T or Elbow and screws into the Quick Disconnect. Flora Pipe...

  • Stealth Neoprene Collars

    Stealth Garden

    Stealth Neoprene Collars


    4.75 cm x 1.8cm Neoprene inserts for securing cuttings in Turboklone or any aeroponic propagation system. Our home-brand inserts are professional food grade and designed to hold your clones or plants in a secure fashion.  We designed these units to...

  • Saboten Scissors Plastic Case


    Saboten Scissors Plastic Case


    The Saboten Plastic Case for Saboten scissors and shears The case protects you and your clothes from damage avoiding the common issues associated with placing sharp objects in your pants pockets. The plastic case also features an attached loop...

  • Current Culture UC Spin Tight Bulkhead

    Current Culture H2O

    Current Culture UC Spin Tight Bulkhead

    $22.00 - $25.00

    The Current Culture UC Spin-Tight Bulkhead is extremely useful for connecting different bodies of water. Bulkheads can be used in a wide variety of applications such as hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics or anywhere there is a need to create a...

  • Clone Shipper

    Clone Shipper

    Clone Shipper


    Engineered for the safe transport of valuable plants, the Clone Shipper is a uniquely clever product! Their unique design allows for clones or live plants to be securely held and illuminated during transit. An LED Grow Light keeps the plant in a healthy,...

  • FloraFlex - 6 Drip Shield (6 pack)


    FloraFlex - 6 Drip Shield (6 pack)


    Place your Drip Shield on the top of a six-inch Rockwool cube and enjoy the countless combinations as you mix and match any of the following products utilizing the Drip Shield’s two inserts: Short Plunge Drippers, Long Plunge Drippers, Short Rocket...

  • Saboten Tungsten Carbide Sharpener


    Saboten Tungsten Carbide Sharpener


    Saboten's Tungsten Carbide Sharpener is ideal for sharpening and honing all straight blades. Small and convenient in size, the sharpener easily fits in your pocket or tool bag. Saboten's Tungsten Carbide Sharpener also features a comfortable and...

  • Current Culture UC Parka

    Current Culture H2O

    Current Culture UC Parka


    The Current Culture H2O UC Parka is designed and manufactured by Current Culture H2O, USA. The Parka will effectively add a reflective and insulating layer to the Growth Module. This will ensure water temperatures are more manageable and...

  • Bluelab Carry Case


    Bluelab Carry Case


    Sick of silly sausage fingers dropping expensive tools into your reservoir? You need a Bluelab Carry Case! These custom designed units have a firm outer casing that offers impact resistance for your meter. Two pocks in the case are specially made to...

  • Turboklone Original Collars


    Turboklone Original Collars


    Turboklone uses the latest aeroponic cloning technology to give you faster and healthier cuttings! These re-useable polyethylene collars are more durable than cheaper competitors. All collars are configured for the easy insertion of plant stems, and they...

  • Turboklone Elite Stem Collars


    Turboklone Elite Stem Collars


    Now your favorite TurboKlone collars come in additional colors teal & green. Visually differentiate plant species using a color coded patterns provided by these collars. • Great for colour coding various species and strains...

  • Current Culture UC Module Cage

    Current Culture H2O

    Current Culture UC Module Cage


    The Current Culture H2O UC Module Cage is for perfection in plant training and manipulation! Allowing for the strong support of heavy fruit or flowers, Mod Cages ensure you can get the most out of your crop!   MODULE CAGE - FITS 8 AND 13 GALLON...

  • Current Culture UC Multi-Mod
    Out of stock

    Current Culture H2O

    Current Culture UC Multi-Mod

    $59.00 - $75.00

    The CCH2O Multi-Mod’s specialized design features a recessed drain well allowing for full drain out, making it perfect for use in a variety of applications such as: RDWC, DWC, Aero, Coco Coir, Drip, Soilless, Ebb-n-Flow and any type...

  • Bluelab Replacement pH Probe


    Bluelab Replacement pH Probe


    Probes contain a KCl (Potassium Chloride) solution that allows it to measure acidity or alkalinity. Over time these probes can 'dehydrate' and need to be regularly maintained to ensure precise analysis.  A replacement probe for Bluelab Combo and pH...