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  • Professor's Resin Clean


    Professor's Resin Clean

    $10.00 - $40.00

    Multi-purpose resin cleaner Resin Clean is a 100% natural heavy duty tool and hand cleaner, containing high quality citrus oils for fast active results. Resin Clean is designed to remove all forms of Resin from Leaf Trimming Machines, while protecting...

  • Saboten AGC-1 Blade Cleaner


    Saboten AGC-1 Blade Cleaner


    Washing / sterilisation tool for dirty blades. Alkaline electrolyzed water 100% impregnates sap, tar and alkaline-related stains. Capacity: 300 ml A convenient spray bottle type. Non-chemical and environmentally friendly. Weight: 363 g Bottle: PP,...

  • H&G Drip Clean

    House & Garden Nutrients

    H&G Drip Clean

    $31.50 - $383.50

    Drip Clean is an extremely useful agent for anyone working in horticulture or hydroponics. It assists with drip irrigation systems or gravity feed systems (e.g. Auto pots, IWS Dripper systems) by preventing salt build-up in substrate or plumbing. Drip...