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  • Turboklone T24
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    Turboklone T24


    Turboklone T24 is our most popular Turboklone unit available! Perfect for hobby or commercial gardeners, Turboklone makes rapid propagation a breeze! Using revolutionary aeroponic propagation techniques, you can achieve faster striking cuttings than ever...

  • Turboklone T48
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    Turboklone T48


    The TurboKlone T48 provides you with more sites and more oxygen! Bigger and faster results than ever before! 48 Clone sites ensure you can reproduce your favourite plants, reliably and rapidly! Easy to use and easy to clean, ask your local retailer to...

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About Cloning Machines

A great benefit to using a hydroponic cloning machine is to reproduce one of your best growing plants. It’s like copying its genetics to make the perfect clone. Of course in gardening it’s a simple process to take a clipping, but when you’re goal is to grow multiple plants, hydroponic cloning machines can simplify the process.

A cloning machine will make the cloning of your best plants much simpler. The machine is actually a plastic box in a square, circular or rectangular shape. They hold all the equipment you need for your indoor garden, including a pump, nutrients, plants, and spray nozzles.

At the top of every machine are a series of circular holes. Each is filled with a soft or hard neoprene insert. This is where the clones will go. When you take the cuttings of your main plant, each will go into its own separate cloning site.

When you turn on the water pump a fine spray will cover each of the cuttings with a mist that contains all the oxygen and nutrients that a young plant needs to grow. One main benefit of using a hydroponic cloning machine is that all the cuttings are contained within one location and can be misted at the same time. Of course it’s possible to do this all manually, but it can also take a much longer time.

A hydroponic cloning machine also ensures your cloning success rate by up to 100% of all cuttings, so you won’t have to toss any onto the compost heap such as if you had tried growing them manually.

Setting up a hydroponic cloning machine is fairly simple. You’ll set up your hydroponic cloning machine from the packaging and then fill it with water. The mister and pump gets attached. You’ll want to check first that the misters are reaching all parts of the machine. You don’t need nutrients at this point as the cuttings don’t have roots yet.

Most hydroponic cloning machines come with humidity domes, and you can also add a grow light. If you need more assistance, we’d be happy to help you out here at Kushy.