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About Grow Room Fans

Grow tents are used in hydroponics to provide a protective growth chamber for your garden, whether you’re growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, or medicinal plants. Grow tents can vary in size from small to large depending on whether you’re growing at home or have a commercial enterprise. Their purpose can be to provide a neat and tidy but discreet environment for growing. They can also be used to separate your growing environment from your home environment.

Grow tents will work with a wide range of hydroponics equipment. Grow lights can be installed to help provide energy to the plants. Grow lights may have traditional fluorescent or incandescent lamps or be the more modern LED technology. Grow lights also work more efficiently within a grow tent as their light is cast directly on the plants rather than being wasted when projected against the walls.

Plants require enough light to grow otherwise they’ll stretch or stop growing. Grow tents can help plants to grow as they get larger, so that more light can be focussed on them. Lighting can be better controlled, as the bigger plants get, the brighter the light they require. LED lights may be the best option for grow tents as they are cooler, so less ventilation and energy is needed to vent the hydroponics grow tent.

Grow tents are naturally warm as they are enclosed, so certain types of plants that require heat may do better in a hydroponics grow tent. Cooling or ventilation systems may also be installed to keep temperatures down. Ventilation is important to help maintain optimal temperature and remove waste gases from the air. Other controls can be installed to monitor temperature and to provide nutrients to the plants.

Grow tents can be used in any of the major hydroponics systems, including aeroponics, ebb and flow, and DWC. Grow tents will assist in providing a higher yield of plants without the use of soil or extensive outdoor space.

If you need assistance in choosing the right grow tent for your hobby or enterprise, please reach out to us here at Kushy for more assistance.