Tubing and Tube Accessories

Tubing and Tube Accessories

Kushy.com.au is your one-stop shop for buying Tubing and Tube Accessories at highly competitive prices. Our aim is to provide a friendly stress-free shopping experience. If you can't find the Tubing and Tube Accessories that meet your requirements, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We will be happy to help.

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  • FloraFlex - 6 Single Use Floracap


    FloraFlex - 6 Single Use Floracap


    Place the revolutionary Single-Use FloraCaps™ on your 6” Rockwool cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle. Strategically designed slots block light while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plants. The...

  • FloraFlex - Floraclip (6 Pack)


    FloraFlex - Floraclip (6 Pack)


    Use the FloraClip™ accessory to easily transform your FloraCap™ from a top-feeding unit into an automated top-feeding system. Simply thread a 1/4” hose into the opening and find your preferred location (we recommend using two per...

  • FloraFlex - 6 Light Shield (6 pack)""


    FloraFlex - 6 Light Shield (6 pack)


    For your Ebb & Flow system, we offer the best-designed cover for your 6” Rockwool cubes. Packets of 6 Light Shields allow for easy and rapid setup of your hydroponic system. These are reusable and prevent algae from developing on your rockwool...

  • FloraFlex - 6 Drip Shield (6 pack)


    FloraFlex - 6 Drip Shield (6 pack)


    Place your Drip Shield on the top of a six-inch Rockwool cube and enjoy the countless combinations as you mix and match any of the following products utilizing the Drip Shield’s two inserts: Short Plunge Drippers, Long Plunge Drippers, Short Rocket...

  • FloraFlex - Tubing


    FloraFlex - Tubing


    Color coordinate with your premium vinyl  - food grade hose from FloraFlex™. Perfect for hydroponic systems, aquaponics, irrigation, aquaculture and more! Durable and designed for horticultural application, the FloraFlex tubing will make...





    FloraFlex® Nylon Valve allows you to break sections of your garden into zones to maintain optimum and consistent feed. Heavy duty Nylon Valve easily comes apart and reassembles for cleaning. Available in  .75′′ (19mm) Standard 2-way...