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  • Avert Foil Fresh Bags
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    Avert Bags

    Avert Foil Fresh Bags

    $3.40 - $8.35

    The Avert Foil Fresh Bag is our latest odour-locking and fresh sealing zip-lock bag. Taking the classic zip-lock bag to the next level, the foil fresh bag uses mylar aluminium to provide the safest, most hygienic and smell proof resealable bag on the...

  • Avert Pocket Bag

    Avert Bags

    Avert Pocket Bag


    The Avert Pocket Bag is designed for your ultimate safety, convenience and reliability. Featuring our powerful odor-absorbing activated carbon lining with water resistant zips, our Pocket Bags will help you get to your destination safely! The...

  • Avert Easy Wipes - 80 Pack

    Avert Bags

    Avert Easy Wipes - 80 Pack


    Avert Easy Wipes are 100% Solution soaked wipes comes out of the container fully saturated and ready to do your dirty work. Easily remove resins, oils, grime, and other stubborn or stinky soils from many surfaces. Avert Easy Wipes unique formula breaks...

  • Avert Waistbag Bumbag

    Avert Bags

    Avert Waistbag Bumbag


    The Avert WaistBag is a stylish waistbag perfect while on the go or on any mission that requires a comfy waistbag. Lined with Averts superior carbon lining, this small bag packs in plenty of room for the essentials. It has a main zip compartment and a...

  • Avert Travel Bag

    Avert Bags

    Avert Travel Bag


    The Avert Travel bag is the smartest toiletries bag in the world! It uses a combination approach to scent-management and travelling convenience. The Avert Travel Bag is designed for your safety and reliability. Featuring our powerful...

  • Avert Backpack Insert

    Avert Bags

    Avert Backpack Insert


    The Avert Backpack Insert has been precisely designed to fit inside your existing backpack. Alongside the impressive odor-absorbing activated carbon lining, it features a unique dual flap system to give further protection and peace of mind. Avert Bags...

  • Avert Large Duffle Bag
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    Avert Bags

    Avert Large Duffle Bag


    The Avert Large Duffle Bag is our heavy duty transportation solution. Our Duffle Bags feature seriously tough engineering for heavy and odorous cargo. Incorporating water/ smell resistant lockable zips outside a powerful activated carbon lining, the...

  • Avert Backpack
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    Avert Bags

    Avert Backpack


    The newest release from AVERT is their unique backpack design! Featuring 27L of carbon-lined, odor-lock technology, laptop holder, extra-thick fabric and outer utility straps for urban necessities. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your precious cargo...

  • Avert XL Duffle Bag 148L
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    Avert Bags

    Avert XL Duffle Bag 148L


    AVERT any extra sticky situations with the new release XL DUFFLE from AVERT Bags! AVERT Bags carbon linings and zipper solutions give you peace of mind when travelling. The Avert XL Duffle features the unique features found on the current Avert Duffle,...