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The dropper bottle Orion 50 ml with the item code: SM130006-204 is part of the product family dropper bottles within the design-series Orion; inspired by the very popular Boston round shape with its short-curved shoulders. The dropper bottle is designed in such a way that the slope of the round shoulder allows products to easily slide out of the bottle when tipped. Made to naturally protect your high-quality essential oils, homoeopathic products, skincare, lotions, creams, gels, tinctures, serums, make-up, primers and much more. This glass bottle dropper is even perfect for shower products, like shower cream, shampoo and conditioner. Due to the DIN18 thread, the dropper bottle ideal for a wide variety of uses and allows compatibility with a large selection of closures. This standard neck size features a tamper-evident transfer-ring that permits the use of tamper-evident and non-tamper-evident caps. A tamper-evident cap allows customers to identify if a bottle has been opened before thanks to a band, initially attached to the cap, that cracks at first opening. This glass pipette bottle thread is ideal for dosing liquids such as skincare serums, aqueous or oily liquids, such as CBD oil, kitchen oils and pharmaceutical substances. You can also use it for make-up products, such as foundation, concealer or a primer. Our dropper bottle Orion has a fill capacity of 50 ml, which is perfect for smaller sized, exclusive products, and has a height of 106.4 mm (excluding cap/closure), with a maximum label dimension of 75 x 114.7 mm. The bottles are made from high quality and luxurious Miron violet glass, specially designed and working as a filter blocking harmful rays of light. The protection of the glass assures that taste, smell, colour, bioenergy, and products properties remain longer preserved. Learn more about violet glass.

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