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Pro Mantis is the ultimate sustainable organic soil (substrate) enhancer. Stimulate your substrate by harnessing our natural soil superfoods - Pro Mantis ameliorates your substrate using premium insect frass blended with fossilised diatoms. Pro Mantis has enormous biodiversity bacteria and fungi species. You may even notice the fungal hyphae alive within the container!   These potent biological stimulants provide your plants with an alternative source for a nutrient-rich and chemical-free fertiliser, with the added bonus of improved aeration via diatomaceous earth particulate. Pro Mantis organically increases nitrogen uptake and phosphorus bioavailability.   By adding Pro Mantis to your substrate you can expect potential increases to both floral yield quantity and quality. Pro Mantis works in conjunction with any existing nutrient regime to increase fertiliser efficiency. Pro Mantis also increases natural defence capacity of crops. Our premium frass contains chitosan - plant available chitin that promotes the synthesis of > 20 resistance proteins (stimulating plant defence mechanisms) whilst encouraging beneficial microbial activity.   Important Information: This product is alive and is full of diversity - including a plethora of beneficial bacteria and fungal species - you may even notice mycelium living within the container! Congratulations if it's white & fluffy. The process has has already begun for you! You're one step ahead.

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