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  • Evaporative Cooler
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    Stealth Garden

    Evaporative Cooler


    We have designed and engineered Evaporative Coolers for years to help Australian farmers combat extreme climates. Our range of Evaporative Coolers come as a complete unit, ready to reduce your...

  • Miron Glass Storage Jar 1L

    Stealth Garden

    Miron Glass Storage Jar 1L


    Miron Violet Glass is seriously scientific storage for your herbs or organic matter! It uses a specialised form of violet-glass to protect your products from harmful light energy. This helps to...

  • MyPharmJar Hygrometer Lid

    Stealth Garden

    MyPharmJar Hygrometer Lid


    MyPharmJar is designed for perfect storage of your herbs or spices! The Hygrometer built into the lid allows you to precisely monitor the temperature and humidity of your herbs! These unique lids are...

  • Octa Bubbler

    Stealth Garden

    Octa Bubbler


    Control Your Water Flow! Octa Bubblers are dynamic pressure compensating water delivery devices that can help distribute a main water line into eight perfectly regulated GPH drip line outlets. Unlike...

  • Pot Stand 50L

    Stealth Garden

    Pot Stand 50L


    The Pot Stand is a revolutionary simple yet incredibly effective new product! The flat-pack CNC manufactured design is spatially efficient and easily assembled. It allows you to raise your plants...

  • Rocket Root Pruning Pots

    Stealth Garden

    Rocket Root Pruning Pots

    $20.00 - $60.00

    Air-Pruning pots are designed to encourage rapid plant and root growth. The innovative design utilises the plants own mechanism to encourage root growth by continually air pruning the roots when they...

  • Scrog Netting

    Stealth Garden

    Scrog Netting

    $2.50 - $3.00

    The scrog netting method helps the growers to train the plants to reach an optimal light exposure. The scrog netting method consists of using plastic nets to make the screen that guides the plants to...

  • Secret Safes

    Stealth Garden

    Secret Safes

    $22.00 - $40.00

    Hide your valuables in these clever diversion safes! Clever and functional designs for your home to protect you from thieves or robbers. Limited stock available.  Bolt Safe Can Safe Hidden Wall...

  • SG Hydroponic Clay

    Stealth Garden

    SG Hydroponic Clay


    A new replacement for Clay Balls is available now! Try De-Ozzy Essential Natural Soil Conditioner. It's the next level in substrate development Essential Soil Conditioner uses the power of...

  • Stealth Neoprene Collars

    Stealth Garden

    Stealth Neoprene Collars


    4.75 cm x 1.8cm Neoprene inserts for securing cuttings in Turboklone or any aeroponic propagation system. Our home-brand inserts are professional food grade and designed to hold your clones or plants...