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About Clay Pebbles & Grow Stones

Clay pebbles are an essential part of your hydroponics garden. They are made from natural clay, also known as LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) or exclay. They are sold in small round potato-like shapes and are lightweight and safe to use as a base for your grow garden.

Clay pebbles have been used in gardening for over 1one hundred years. They are available in varying shapes and sizes depending on purpose, but smaller sizes are more suitable for your hydroponics garden.

Besides being lightweight, they repel excess water and retain water during drought. They also provide thermal insulation or heat, to help your plants grow. They have an acoustical soundproofing barrier, making your hydroponics display in a living room even more beneficial. They are durable, so won’t disintegrate or need to be replaced, even when exposed to liquid hydroponics nutrients.

Clay pebbles naturally provide the perfect drainage and filtration for your indoor hydroponics garden setup. They also provide insulation during colder days of the year. Clay pebbles can be mixed with other hydroponics supplies to provide nutrients to the plants.

Clay pebbles have a pH level of around 7, and are also fire resistant. All of these characteristics make them the perfect soil-substitute for your indoor plants. Clay pebbles are a key component in the soil mechanics of your garden. The pebbles help to provide increased oxygen levels to your plants, which also aids in promoting faster growth.

Clay pebbles are simple to use when setting up your hydroponics garden. Once removed from the package they can be used to fill up your chosen plant container. Give them a quick rinse to remove any excess dirt or debris. You can then add your seeds or your transplant seedlings to the pot.

You will then add your liquid nutrients according to Kushy’s instructions. You’ll need to add more nutrients to your clay pebbles about every two weeks, but it could be more frequent as your plants get larger.

You can set a timer to remind you to flood your hydroponics plant container a couple times per day. Be sure that the water drains out before it reaches the upper surface as this will help to decrease algae growth.