Hydroponics Growing Mediums

Hydroponics Growing Mediums

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    House & Garden Cocos is world-famous for its high quality and purity. Using only the finest sourced coconut husks and processing the coir in Holland, H&G Coco is truly the coco for your garden!  Coco Coir is an ideal solution for indoor...

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About Hydroponics Growing Mediums

Hydroponics offers a simple and tidy way to grow plants in your home or commercial enterprise, but it requires growing media. There is a wide range of hydroponic growing media that makes this process confusing. There are about 14 major options to choose. Depending on the purpose of your hydroponics system, and what types of plants you are growing, will depend on what types of hydroponic growing media you’ll need for your setup.

A commercial enterprise may prefer to use expanded clay aggregate, as it’s more suitable when all nutrients are carefully measured and controlled. These have a brown colour and are sold as round pellets. This growing media is durable and doesn’t degrade over time. It’s also ecologically sustainable and the pellets can easily be cleaned and sterilized for re-use.

Grow stones are also sustainable as they’re made from glass. They also hold more water.

Coconut coir is 100% natural and derived from coconut manufacturing byproducts. The dust and the short fibres are used to create coir. When it’s exposed to water it expands to 3 to 4 times its size. It provides aversion to pests and diseases.

Rice husks are another natural option and a natural byproduct of the rice industry. They do decay over time so have to be replaced. They provide adequate drainage and don’t affect the nutrients.

Perlite is a type of volcanic rock that’s been made into glass pebbles. It can be used loose or placed into glass sleeves that can be immersed in water. It holds more air and is buoyant.

Vermiculite is a mineral that’s been formed into pebbles and commonly used in gardening. It holds water and provides a natural wicking effect.

Pumice is another type of volcanic rock that is lightweight.

Sand, gravel, and wood fibre are also used in hydroponics and are affordable. Sheep wool and rock wool are also other options.

If you’re confused over what type of hydroponic growing media to choose, please reach out to Kushy and we’d be happy to provide our assistance.