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About Hydroponics

Hydroponics offers an economical and convenient way to grow all types of plants wherever you wish. Not only is it cleaner, as no soil is required, it provides a more organized way of growing plants in smaller spaces. There is a wide range of hydroponics equipment to buy, offering something for the hobbyist or an advanced setup for the serious agriculture professional.

Anyone can set up a hydroponics garden in their own home, but hydroponics is also utilized in the agricultural industry to grow plants, herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables, and medicinal plants such as marijuana. It offers an easier way to control the nutrients required, as well as providing a stable and balanced growing environment for the plants.

Hydroponics requires an equipment system that can easily be set up by reading the enclosed instruction manual. It doesn’t utilize soil but instead requires a nutritious liquid (hence the term hydro) which can be delivered manually or through a machine to the plants. One benefit to this type of setup is that it requires less water. A grow tent can keep your garden confined and your living space neat and tidy.

There are a few different ways to utilize hydroponics. Some of the more popular options include static solution culture which involves small containers filled with nutrient solution. With continuous-flow solution culture the nutrient solution is mechanically delivered to the plants. With aeroponics, the nutrients are delivered from above through a fine mist. Fogponics is similar but delivered through a vapour.

Grow lights are also an essential part of a hydroponics system, mimicking the light from the sun and providing the energy to encourage plants to grow. LED grow lights are the most popular option today as they are energy-efficient.

The plants can be grown with nutrients and hydroponic growing media from various sources, including manure, fertilizer, fish excrement, and artificial nutrient solutions. Since plants can be grown indoors, a hydroponics setup can be done inside any type of building regardless of what the outer climate is like.

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